St. John's C.E. Primary School

Nursery Admissions

All children are entitled to 15 free hours a week of child care provided by the government and can start at St John's Nursery, for free, the term following their third birthday.

Month of third Birthday Term of third Birthday Term child can start at St John's utilising 15/30 free hours
April (after the Easter holidays)*, May, June, July, August Summer Term Autumn Term following 3rd birthday
September, October, November, December Autumn Term Spring Term following 3rd birthday
January, February, March, April (before or during the Easter holidays)* Spring Term Summer Term following 3rd birthday

* Depending on when Easter falls, April birthdays can be before, during or after the Easter holidays; the term that an April-born child can start at St John's will vary accordingly. 

Children can also join our nursery from the very day that they turn 3 years old; however, nursery fees will have to be paid by parents/carers until the next full term. 

Please contact the school office on 020 8445 4693 to arrange a visit or to discuss your application further.