St. John's C.E. Primary School

School Meals & Packed Lunches

Hot School Dinners

All menus are planned by ISS Education. They are balanced and follow strict government standards, including the latest allergenic advice. Our ISS kitchen staff are given the most up to date training and our kitchen resources are maintained and checked regularly by ISS Kitchen Managers. ISS believe in serving freshly prepared British locally grown healthy food which tastes great.  ISS have been recognised with awards from Food For Life, The Soil Association, The Good Egg Award, Quality British Beef and Lamb Standard Mark and the Marine Stewardship Council Certified Sustainable Seafood Mark.

Meals for children in Reception, Year One and Year Two are free.

The meals for children in the Juniors cost £2.35 a day (£11.75 per week). 

School Meals Menu 

Pupil Premium, Free School Meals and Universal Free School Meals

Pupil Premium is additional funding which the school can receive from the government to improve educational opportunities for children of families on low income. This grant includes the provision of Free School Meals for eligible families for all year groups in school. Even if your child is having a packed lunch or is an Infant who is receiving a Universal Free School Meal, the school. 

If you think you are eligible to apply for Pupil Premium/Free School Meals, please go to the school office and ask for an application form.

 Healthy Packed Lunches

School lunches are a great choice for your child, but if you choose to make a packed lunch for them instead here are some tips for preparing a healthier lunchbox.

What to include in your child’s lunchbox

A healthier lunchbox should:

  • be based on starchy carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta)
  • include fresh fruit and vegetables/salad
  • include a source of protein such as beans and pulses, eggs, fish, meat, cheese (or dairy alternative)
  • include a side dish such as a low-fat and lower-sugar yoghurt (or dairy alternative), tea cake, fruit bread, plain rice/corn cakes, sugar-free jelly
  • include a drink such as water, skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, sugar-free or no-added-sugar drinks

The Eatwell Guide shows you how to have a healthy balanced diet and can help you decide what to put in your child’s lunchbox.

Find healthy lunchbox ideas at Change4Life.