St. John's C.E. Primary School

School Sports

Sport is a fundamental part of our school life at St John’s: each pupil participates regularly in PE sessions covering a variety of activities; swimming lessons take place for one term in Years 3-5; and there are also opportunities for children in Years 1-6 to attend a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs.

There are two timetabled PE sessions every week, one delivered by our qualified Sports Coach and the other by our class teachers.  These are high quality games lessons in line with the national curriculum which develop each pupil’s physical, thinking and social skills.  Swimming is taught professionally on a weekly basis at Oakleigh Swimming Pool.

Pupils are given the opportunity to attend a wide range of extra-curricular activities that extend their learning; there are a range of clubs run by school staff and by external providers.  More information can be found in the Parents section of the website.

Competition is important at St John’s and some of our clubs will feed into events organised by the Barnet Partnership for School Sport or borough leagues and competitions.  Pupils who attend these clubs will have to attend an initial trial to become members of the training squad; successful trialists may then be selected to represent the school in competitions and matches.

We also have Sports Leaders and a Sports Council who work alongside the PE Leader and Sports Coach to assist with the improvement and development of school sport.