St. John's C.E. Primary School


St John's Association (Parent Teacher Association)

St John’s Association (SJA) is an organisation of parents, staff, our church and wider community.  We aim to encourage closer links between home and school to benefit the children at our school. All parents, guardians and teachers are automatically members and everyone (even grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbours!) are encouraged to get involved.

Our aim is to enrich the educational experience of the children at St John’s through both fund-raising activities and organising initiatives which benefit the children. We also aim to strengthen our links with the church and our community.


Over the last five years our fund-raising has provided the following:

  • £10,000 contribution to outdoor climbing equipment in the KS2 playground.
  • Painted playground lines in the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds.
  • Supplied 2 ipads for the communication system Tapestry with our Foundation Stage.
  • Supplied 15 Ipads to be used for class teaching.
  • Supplied 30 Chrome Books for computing in KS2.
  • Funded books towards creating a new school library.
  • Provided PE & playground equipment, craft materials and hymn packs.
  • Through Martyn Gerrard, we have been able to house school rabbits in a rabbit enclosure in Foundation Stage and pay for new football and netball kits.
  • Supplied outdoor climbing equipment in the EYFS playground.