St. John's C.E. Primary School

Meet The Governors

  • Richard Hughes
    PCC Foundation Governor, Joint Chair, Chair of Admissions, Finance and Premises
  • Ian Copelin
    PCC Foundation Governor, Joint Chair, TLS, Safeuarding
  • Jeremy Brough
    Parent Governor, Admission, Finance and Premises, Personnel
  • Lucinda Hutton
    Parent Governor, Personnel, TLS, Pupil Premium
  • Daisy Lai
    Deanery Foundation Governor, Chair of Finance and Premises
  • Alison Cruickshank
    Staff Governor, TLS
  • Curtis Sweetingham
    Executive Headteacher Ex-OFFICIO
  • Catherine Mitri
    Associate Member
  • Reverend Kim Quak-Winslow
    Incumbent vicar of St John's Church Ex-OFFICIO,
  • Judith French
    LDBS Foundation Governor
  • Liron Woodcock-Velleman
    Local Authority Governor
  • Paola Postali Bradfield
    PCC Foundation Governor, TLS, Equalities

None of our current governors are governors at other schools.

The Clerk to the Board of Governors is Clerks Associates. 

Previous Governors 


  • Carolyn Black - Chair of Governors (resigned 21/07/2023)
  • Sam Goodman (resigned 19/06/2023)
  • Jamie Goumal - Joint Vice Chair of Governors (resigned 05/07/2021)
  • Ben Pullenayegum – Parent Governor (resigned 15/03/2021)
  • Revd Lynn Davidson – Ex Officio Priest in Charge (resigned 16/11/2020)
  • Ajanta Kamal – Parent Governor (resigned 31/08/2020)
  • Alice Gavin Atashkar – Deanery Governor (resigned 14/07/2020)