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All About the Maintenance Fund

Most parents decide to send their children to a Church of England school because they know that their child will be educated according to Christian values and because they know that the school will provide an excellent education.

The quality of Church of England schools has also been recognised by the government and they have granted many of them ‘voluntary aided’ status.  This means that, although the schools are in the state system, we can retain our traditions and organise the school on the basis of the teachings of the Church.  In return, however, the state does not own the buildings of the school and does not contribute to its maintenance.

The school needs to pay for the upkeep and repair of the its buildings and infrastructure and also are required to pay into an insurance policy held by the London Diocesan Board for Schools.  The insurance policy is set on a fixed price per child that attends the school and may be used if we need large and expensive works conducted.  This is obligatory for the school.

To fund these repairs and insurance, the voluntary aided schools have a “Governor’s Maintenance Fund” and ask for parental contributions for every child that attends the school.  Law states that these contributions must be deemed as voluntary.  As stated above, this fund then pays into the insurance policy and any surplus is used to fund basic maintenance and repairs to the premises.

Much of our school is over 50 years old and the demands made upon it by 240 energetic children, plus staff, mean there is a constant requirement for improvement and repair to provide not only the best learning environment possible, but to keep in line with current legislation.

With all this in mind, the Governors ask for a voluntary parental contribution of £60 per year for the first child and £30 thereafter for each additional sibling at the school.  The contributions are voluntary however and no parent is obliged to make them.  Furthermore, if you feel your family is simply unable to donate in this current economic climate, we would prefer that you do not put the health and wellbeing of your own family at risk by trying to contribute.

Finally, if you are a UK taxpayer, we also would be very grateful if you would complete and sign a GAF Form 2019 as we can reclaim extra money from the government at no extra cost to you.  Gift Aid really does help the Fund enormously.

Thank you for your continued support to our school.