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Your Governors

Your Governors

Current Governors

None of our current governors are governors at other schools.  Our Chair however, is a freelance consultant to other governing boards in the Barnet area and also is the Clerk to the Trustees and Local Governing Board of Saracens High School and Multi Academy Trust.

Imogen Hall – Chair of Governors (PCC Foundation Governor)

Imogen Hall NEWI was elected as Joint Vice-Chair of Governors on 24 November 2015 and again on 13 September 2016.  I am an active member of St John’s Church.  I have two children currently in school and a third due to start in January 2017.  I enjoy being an active part of our school and church community and I am fully committed to making our school the best it can be. As governor, I am involved in the Personnel Sub-Committee and Chair of the Teaching & Learning Standards Sub-Committee; the first utilises my experience in senior management at a global travel publisher and the latter reflects my keen interest in how and what our children learn. I am passionate about good communication and am currently working in social media managing accounts for a children’s imprint.

Sub-committees: Teaching & Learning Standards (Chair); SEND Governor

Appointed by: Full Governing Board 19/12/2014; PCC 24/1/2017, Expiry of tenure: 24 January 2021


Rupert Coles – Vice-Chair of Governors (Parent Governor)

I am delighted to be a governor of St John’s because I really love the school and care deeply about how it develops into the future, not just for my son who is currently in year 1, but also for all those who are lucky enough to attend this school.

I am a Senior Management Consultant specialising in advising companies on organisational transformation and acting as coach and strategic mentor to CEO’s of global corporations to help them to solve their biggest problems and improve their organisations.

I have a wealth of senior management experience gained in both the private and public sectors and look forward to helping St John’s to flourish for the benefit of generations to come.  Outside of organisational change, my key areas of expertise are advising on policy, sourcing strategy, contract negotiation, operating model/structure and building leadership.

Sub-committees: Finance & Premises; Teaching and Learning Standards

Elected by Parents 12/10/2018; Expiry of tenure: 11 October 2022


Rachel Adams-Constantine (PCC Foundation Governor)

rachel_square90x90I am very proud to be a St John’s Parochial Church Council appointed governor at our school. Both my children attend the school and we worship regularly at St John the Apostle Church. I have been a primary school teacher for 12 years and am passionate about children achieving their potential in an inclusive environment. I believe that all children deserve the best educational experience a school can provide, and in the case of St John’s, through nurturing Christian values. I relish being part of the Governing body at St John’s during this time of educational and political change.

Sub-committees: Teaching & Learning Standards; RE Link Governor;

Appointed by: Full Governing Board 12/7/2016; Expiry of tenure: 12 July 2020


Elina Burgess (Parent Governor)


Sub-committees: Finance & Premises

Elected by Parents 19/12/2014; Expiry of tenure: 19 December 2018


Revd Lynn Davidson, Ex Officio Priest in Charge, St John the Apostle Church, N20 (Foundation Governor)

I feel very privileged to serve as a governor at St John’s.  I am married and have four sons.  We moved to Whetstone from Shrewsbury when I became priest in charge of St John the Apostle church.  I have also led churches in Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and Crouch End.

Prior to ordination, I had a career in social work. I have worked in a variety of roles within Local Authority Children’s Services, including youth offending team officer, safeguarding team manager and children with disabilities service manager.  Alongside my parish work, I have held the additional role of domestic abuse awareness advisor to the Baptist Union of Great Britain and to Lichfield Diocese.

I am passionate about encouraging children to reach their full potential. I enjoy working collaboratively with St John’s staff to to promote Christian values and to nurture the children’s understanding of the Christian faith and the stories of the Bible during the weekly assemblies I lead in school and in church.

Sub-committees: Teaching & Learning Standards; Safeguarding Governor

Appointed by: Full Governing Board 22/11/2016.


Alice Gavin Atashkar (Deanery Governor)

alice-atashkar_squareI am proud to be Deanery Governer for St Johns and to serve our children to reach their full potential. I worship at St Barnabas Church North London where I serve in children’s and families ministry and sit on the PCC.  I am passionate about children and communities reaching their full potential and excited about Christian education. I fully believe in the schools vision to nurture, encourage and challenge through Christ and it is a privilege to serve towards our shared goal of being an “outstanding” school.

I am a full time mum to two children who attend St John’s.  In a former professional capacity, I have 10 years experience in HR and Organisational Development gained across FMCG, charities and consultancy and am a chartered member of the CIPD.  I’m passionate about visual arts and creative worship and can often be found painting, drawing and sketching.

Sub-committees: Personnel (Vice Chair); Admissions Panel; Teaching & Learning Standards. Class Link Governor (2018-19)

Appointed by: Deanery Synod of Central Barnet 1/8/2016; Expiry of tenure: 1 August 2020


Jaime Goumal (PCC Foundation Governor)

jamiegoumal_squareI’m a member of St John’s Parochial Church Council and am delighted to join the school’s Board of Governors.  My daughter attends the school, and my family have found the school a welcoming, friendly place.  I have worked in HR, communications and corporate performance.  I grew up locally and know how wonderful this area of London is for families.  In my role as governor I hope to help the school become even better than it is, to truly become a fantastic place for local children to learn and grow.

Sub-Committees: Admissions Panel (Chair); Teaching & Learning Standards; Pupil Premium Link Governor.

Appointed by: Full Governing Board 12/7/2016. Expiry of tenure: 12 July 2020


Ajanta Kamal (Parent Governor)

The most important thing about me is that I am a mother to three children. This has taught me an advanced level of skills, as regards organisation, time management, negotiation and delegation (which I am still working on.)  I am also a consultant paediatrician, 4 years as a consultant and almost 20 years in total. I have many years of experience in working with families and also planning and delivery of children focussed services.

I have significant experience in child protection work and bring this to the Governor role.  At the Evelina Children’s Hospital, I am also the appointed Royal College Tutor and have overall responsibility for the training and education of the paediatric trainees, approximately 150 doctors, which includes overseeing recruitment, induction processes, education and training delivery, and pastoral care of trainees. I have experience in education governance and processes required to maintain and ensure the delivery of a high quality of education.

Sub-committees: Personnel

Elected by Parents 12/10/2018; Expiry of tenure: 11 October 2022


Catherine Mitri (Associate Member)

15-10-22-mrs-mitriAs the new Deputy Headteacher at St John’s, joining in September 2015, I believe that teamwork and good communication, built on the foundations of a Christian ethos are key to ensuring that each individual child at our school has a happy and fulfilling education.  I am fully committed to working in partnership with the new Headteacher, Mr Sweetingham, the governors, staff and parents on the journey towards “outstanding”.

Sub-Committees: Personnel; Finance & Premises; Teaching & Learning Standards.

Appointed by: Full Governing Board 1/9/2015.  Expiry of tenure: 1 September 2019


Loretta Okpokiri (LDBS Governor)

Loretta OkpokiriI was appointed in February 2016 as an LDBS Foundation Governor. Becoming a Governor is a great opportunity for me to share from my skills and experience, and to support my local community. I have a background in Law and have worked for years in Finance/Accounting, focusing on audits of public sector bodies and charities. I am involved in the Finance sub-committee where my experience is, I hope, of use.  My husband and I have been a part of the local community, including our involvement in a local church, and would be raising our children here. Volunteering in this way allows me to make an active contribution to the success of a good school and support its wider impact in the community.

Sub Committees: Finance & Premises; Admissions Panel.

Appointed by: London Diocesan Board for Schools 25/2/16.  Expiry of tenure 25 February 2020


Ben Pullenayegum (Parent Governor)


I am proud dad of James and Sophie and you will often see me at school on a Friday doing the drop off and pick up.

I was an Associate Member of the Governing Body from July 2016 until 1 December 2017 (which means I don’t vote in full Governing Board committee meetings) and was appointed as a Parent Governor in December 2017.

I care about ensuring all children in the school have the best education possible and develop into well-rounded and confident individuals. I also appreciate how the leadership, management and morale of a school, like any organisation, can have a huge impact on the staff and children within it.

I have spent my career working for large, global companies and spend a lot of my time working with the leadership team and board in areas relating to HR, corporate governance and finance.  It’s great to be able to use this experience to make a broader and more positive contribution to the school.

Sub Committees: Finance & Premises (Chair); Personnel;

Elected by Parents (2/12/17). Expiry of tenure 1/12/2021.


Christine Richardson (Local Authority Governor)

I feel privileged and delighted to join the Board of Governors of St John’s.  I have lived in the London Borough of Barnet for most of my life and attended Queenswell Primary School and Woodhouse Grammar School.  While my sons were at school in Barnet, I was joint chair of their school’s PTA. I now have two granddaughters in primary education.  For six years, I worked for the Barnet Paediatric Speech Therapy Department.  I then spent eighteen years working for a large private company in Finchley. During that time, I was involved in the organisation of worldwide travel and events and the hosting of VIPs. For the three years prior to my retirement in 2014, I was PA to the CEO.   I am looking forward to working with the teaching staff and Board of Governors at St John’s. I am particularly interested in children’s literacy.  I feel strongly that every child should be encouraged to enjoy reading and be given access to as wide a range of books as possible from an early age.  I hope I will be able to make a useful contribution to the school.

Sub-committees: Personnel; Finance & Premises.  Class Link Governor (2018-19)

Appointed by: Full Governing Board 21/11/17. Expiry of tenure 20/11/2018.


Curtis Sweetingham – Headteacher (Ex-Officio)

15-10-22-mr-sweetinghamAs a new Headteacher to St John’s joining in September 2015, I am passionate about Christian education and believe that all children should be provided with every opportunity to succeed in reaching their full potential. Bringing experience from high achieving schools where emphasis is placed on excellence, progressive thinking, curriculum development and the highest standards of pastoral care, I am committed to setting and achieving challenging targets with the assistance of the Governors and the Senior Leadership Team of St John’s.

Sub-committees: Personnel; Finance & Premises; Teaching & Learning Standards; Admissions Panel 


Donna Tidiman (Staff Governor – maternity leave)

Donna Tidiman.JPGI have worked at St John’s for 9 years and I was also a pupil.  Throughout all of my years, my dedication and passion for the school has deepened.  I am always looking for ways to make the school greater than it already is and I believe my role as Staff Governor allows me to do this.  I am passionate about the children and furthering their education and development in a way that is unique and individualised to them.  Being on the Board of Governors furthers my knowledge, thus improves my skills to benefit the children.

Sub-committees: Teaching & Learning Standards; 

Elected by Staff 8/7/2016.  Expiry of tenure: 8 July 2020


Previous Governors

  • Lynne Evans – Chair of Governors (resigned 15/02/19)
  • Elina Burgess – Parent Governor (end of tenure 20/11/18)
  • Jeanette Bain-Burnett – Parent Governor (resigned 12/9/18)
  • Alan Smith – Associate Member (resigned 28/3/18)
  • Dr Helen Eracleous – Parent Governor (resigned 22/11/17)
  • Councillor Alison Cornelius – Local Authority Governor (resigned 11/7/17)
  • Andrew Reeve – Foundation Governor (resigned 25/1/17)
  • Paul Bird – PCC Foundation Governor (resigned 20/6/16)
  • Mark Croft – Parent Governor (resigned 10/5/16)
  • Joanne Mason – PCC Foundation Governor (resigned 20/4/16)
  • Katerina Moisi – Associate Member (resigned 29/3/16
  • Nicky Smith – Staff Governor (resigned 2/3/16)
  • Revd. Cindy Kent – Ex Oficio (resigned 31/12/15)
  • Steve Dryden – Chair of Governors (resigned 5/11/15)
  • Revd Sally Dryden – LDBS Foundation Governor (resigned September 2015)
  • Amanda Brazier – Staff Governor (resigned September 2015)