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School Day

School Day

The school day begins at 8:50am and finishes at 3:20pm. It is vital for the children to attend school regularly and on time.  The school gates are closed at 8.50am and therefore children who arrive after this time must report to the main office. Registers are taken promptly by 9:00am.

Here at St John’s we offer a soft start morning entry system. At the start of the school day parents, carers and children can access the playground from 8:30am where a member of the Senior Leadership Team will be present. From 8.40-8.50am children may enter their classrooms independently, where their teacher will be waiting with an early morning activity for them to complete, and where supervision is officially handed over.

At the end of the school day the gates are opened at 3:15pm. It is important for parents/guardians to be punctual when picking up their children. Collection arrangements are as follows:

Pupils who are being collected should be met in the playground at 3:20pm. It is important the pupils are clear about their collection arrangements.

Year  2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are brought by their class teacher to the playground and will wait in their designated area.  Once contact between parents /guardians has been established the child will be dismissed. 

Reception and Year 1 are dismissed from their classroom door once their parents/guardians have been acknowledged by the class teacher.

Pupils who are not collected within 10 minutes will be brought to the main office.