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Abusive Visitors Policy (Next review November 2016)

Acceptable Use Agreement – Parents (Next review October 2017)

Acceptable Use Agreement – Pupils (Next review October 2017)

Acceptable Use Agreement  – Staff (Next review October 2016)

Accessibility Policy (Next review December 2016)

Administering Medicines Policy (Next Review December 2016)

Admission Policy (Next review September 2017)

Anti Bullying Policy (Next review October 2017)

Anti Fraud Policy (November 2016)

Barnet Guidance Disqualification by Association

Behaviour & Discipline Policy (Next review October 2017)

British Values (Next review October 2017)

Charging Policy (Next Review July 2017)

Collective Worship Policy (Next review October 2018)

Complaints Policy (Next review September 2017)

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy (Next review September 2017)

DFE Keeping Children Safe in Education 2015

DFE The Prevent Duty 2015

DFE Working Together To Safeguard Children March 2015

Educational Visits Policy (Next review April 2017

English Policy

EYFS Policy (Next review September 2017)

Equalities Policy (Next review November 2019)

Freedom of Information Policy

Government Counter Extremism Strategy

Governors Allowance Policy

Handwriting Policy (Next review September 2017)

Health and Safety Policy (Next review November 2016)

Home School Agreement Policy

Intimate Care Policy  (Next review July 2017)

Mental & Written Calculation Methods Policy (Next review July 2017)

Prevent Policy (Next review November 2017)

Religious Education Policy (Next review June 2017)

Restraint Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (Next review September 2017)

SEND Policy (Next review July 2017)

Sex and Relationship Education Policy (Next review December 2017)

School Attendance Policy (Next review November 2016)

School Lettings (Next review July 2017)

School Uniform policy (Next review September 2016)

Written Statement of Behaviour Principles (Next review November 2017)

Whistleblowing Policy (Next review November 2016)

Young Carers Policy (Next review June 2018)