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School Evaluation Form (SEF)

The School Evaluation Form is an essential part of the review and evaluation cycle that helps identify areas in which the school would like to improve. It helps us to answer questions such as ‘how well are we doing?’ and ‘how can we do even better?’.

SEF Document 2016-2017
SEF Document 2015-2016

School Improvement Plan (SIP)

The School Improvement Plan is a document of targets that have been identified to aid school improvement.  The action points that need to be taken to address the targets, the monitoring of the targets and the success of achieving the targets are all included in the document. We are currently implementing a One Year SIP.

SIP Document 2016-2017 Update 2, March 2017
SIP Document 2016-2017 Update 1, December 2016
SIP Document 2016-2017
SIP Document 2015-2016  Update 3,  June  2016
SIP Document  2015-2016 Update 2, March 2016
SIP Document 2015-2016  Update 1,  December 2015
SIP Document 2015-2016


SIAMS SEF Document December 2016